Figure resin TURTLE/DRAGON 8.5 X 6.5 CM (wealth and protection).


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Figure resin TURTLE/DRAGON 8.5 X 6.5 CM (wealth and protection).

The image of a dragon turtle has deep roots in Chinese mythology and culture. The turtle itself is a centuries-old tradition for the Oriental animal. They believe that the concave shape of its shell represents the celestial Vault.  They also say that their brands and lines gave origin to the first Chinese characters. It is the symbol par excellence of long life. And the dragon has been revered as a strong, powerful and wonderful for generations.  Chinese legends say that when a turtle is 1000 years old, it becomes a dragon. The dragon tortoise has the body of the turtle and the head of a dragon, and is standing on a bed of coins and ingots, holding a coin in his mouth most of the time. It is often depicted with one or more turtles dragon babies in the back or with a Ruyi. From the point of view of Feng Shui, a dragon turtle is not only a mythical creature, is also a 'cure', i.e. a symbolic object that comes to solve a problem of flow of energy in a house or office. Both the dragon and the tortoise are considered celestial creatures and are part of the four guardians of Feng Shui, assigned to each of the four cardinal points.  Therefore, a combination of two celestial animals logically makes two very powerful forces to join.   The power of the dragon is associated with courage, the auspicious and good luck; It is one of the most powerful symbols of traditional Feng Shui. Turtles attract the energy of stability, longevity and protection; they are an ancient energy associated with the wisdom of mother earth. As expression of these two powers, the mythical dragon tortoise became a cure Feng Shui to attract wealth, that rests on coins and ingots, and a cure for protection and authority, since it has exposed claws and a large Ruyi on his back.


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