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TETRAGRAMMATON plated 3.5 CMS with AMETHYST the esoteric Pentagram or flamboyant star is the figure of the human body and represents the microcosm. Symbolism also represents the domain of the spirit on the four elements (air, fire, water and Earth). With the tip of his star upward protects the holder and makes flee the forces of evil. With the tip of the star down serves of claim to the forces of evil. Put on the threshold of a door not allow passage of any being dark. Led to the neck, it protects the holder of any bad influence. Now that is required of a special protection force, take it with the right hand and will be armed. Esoteric properties of amethyst: considered to be the best gift that lovers can offer since it is a good talisman for love. Amethyst balances, favors the emotional centering and stabilizing the nervous system. Amethyst is regenerating energies, purifies, cleanses the body and mind, and has the power to influence the environments of discord and make them nice and sincere. It transmits spirituality and transcendence. It is the Crystal of the delivery of the soul to one feeling of unconditional acceptance of what life offers us greater. Creates harmony; not should miss an amethyst in our House.


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